Macrium Reflect


Clone your hard drive to create a perfect backup



When you go to make a backup of your hard drive, you can choose from a couple of different options, like copying files and folders one-by-one onto a different disc or cloning the entire hard drive. The latter is precisely what Macrium Reflect does: unlike other applications, it makes an exact copy of your hard drive.

With Macrium Reflect, everything remains exactly as it is – including your installed applications – in case something bad happens and you need to recover them.

The application lets you create backups and save them in different locations, like on a new disc partition, a DVD, or even an online FTP server.

It's quite easy to use. Just choose which unit you want to back up and where you want to save it. That's all.

But that's not everything Macrium Reflect does. You can also schedule automatic backups, make recovery units, compress images, and more.

If you need one of these backups, all you have to do is use the application to load the disc image you want to restore.

Don't wait! Creating a backup now might save you a good few headaches in the future. It will keep you from losing your pictures, videos, important documents, and anything else you have on your hard drive. You won't regret trying Macrium Reflect.
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